Friday, November 2, 2012

Dedicato a chi...

Dedicato a chi... a distanza di piu' di trent'anni riesce ancora a collezionare un onorevole 9 su 10!!! Troppo facili direte voi?! ... Ma da "Shortcake" a "Sottiletta" come ca**o ci sono arrivati?!?!?!?

Quiz Description: Arthur Fonzarelli, The Fonz or just Fonzie has become one of the most admired characters in American pop culture. "Aaaaayyyyyyy!" I love Happy Days!

1. The first year of "Happy Days" was set in 1956. How old was Fonzie at that time?
A.  16     
B. 17     This is the Correct Answer
C.  18    
XD.  19    
He was born in 1939.

2. Fonzie's cousin was Chachi. What was Chachi's last name?
A.  Maniaci     
B.  Rimanelli    
C.  Racadia    
VD. Arcola     You were correct

3. What was Fonzie's occupation?
VA. mechanic     You were correct
B.  mason    
C.  contractor    
D.  plumber    
Of course, he loved to work on his beloved motorcycle!

4. What was Fonzie's nickname for Joanie Cunningham?
A.  girlie     
B.  tipper    
C.  freckles    
VD. shortcake     You were correct

5. For most of the series, what type of motorcycle does Fonzie ride?
VA. Triumph     You were correct
B.  Harley-Davidson    
C.  Cobra    
D.  Iron Eagle    
The cycle was a English Triumph TR6 Trophy. He was seen on a Harley in a few of the first episodes.

6. Where was Fonzie's "office?"
A.  his garage     
B.  his apartment above The Cunnigham's home    
VC. the men's washroom at Arnold's     You were correct
D.  the back seat of his car    

7. Who was the only person that Fonzie allowed to call him by his real name (his real name was Arthur)?
A.  Richie     
VB. Mrs. Cunningham     You were correct
C.  Joanie    
D.  Mr. Cunningham    

8. Fonzie was devoted to what fictional hero?
A.  Superman     
B.  Batman    
VC. The Lone Ranger     You were correct
D.  Zorro    

9. Toward the end of the series, Fonzie goes into business with whom?
A.  Mr. Cunningham     
B.  Richie    
VC. Al     You were correct
D.  Potsie    
They co-own Arnold's restaurant, of course.

10. What actor played Fonzie in the TV sitcom "Happy Days?"
VA. Henry Winkler     You were correct
B.  Ron Howard    
C.  Robin Williams    
D.  John Travolta    
From 1974 to 1984.

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